How to Choose the Best Chiropractor

8 Questions to Ask


1. Does the chiropractor take x-rays and perform an examination before starting treatment? A chiropractor should always perform an examination and x-ray your spine before starting treatment. This eliminates guesswork, increases safety and speeds your results. We never recommend having chiropractic treatment from any chiropractor who has not first seen an x-ray of your spine.

2. Are the x-rays digital so they minimize exposure and increase the ability of the doctor to see and find my problems? The more information the doctor has at his/her disposal improves the likelihood that he/she can help you.

3. Does the doctor use infrared spinal imaging to help pinpoint your problem and reduce the frequency of treatment, therefore lowering overall cost? This improves patient care and saves you money.  

4. How long has the chiropractor been in practice? There is no substitute for experience. Our doctors have a combined 52 years of proven results, knowledge and experience.  

5. Does the doctor use a signature chiropractic method? There are many good chiropractors and good techniques but few offer the speed and effectiveness of our signature approach.

6. Have you read the patient “reviews”? This is the best way to ensure you are making a great choice!  

7. Will they assist me in getting reimbursement from my insurance company? We are happy to provide you with a Statement of Account at your request to submit to your insurance company.

8. Do they offer payment plans and special wellness fees for families? We offer payment plans for all of your patients and wellness plans for individuals and families who value chiropractic wellness care.