June 15, 2020

Re: Introducing Wellness While Working from Home™

Dear Practice Members,

We want to introduce you to a new and exciting program we are offering to area businesses and organizations as Pennsylvania continues opening up.

Our new program is called Wellness While Working from Home™.  This four part virtual wellness series covers the following topics:

  • Session 1- Your Workstation… Is it Helping or Hurting You?
  • Session 2- Staying Fit While You Sit
  • Session 3- 5 Tips to Keep Your Immune System Strong
  • Session 4- Maximizing Nutrition & Stress Reduction

This mini-series is typically done once a week over a 4 week period of time, but can be adapted to fit your needs. If you would like to schedule this  series for your workplace or organization please click on the link below to learn more and schedule or call us at (717) 533-6100. This virtual mini-series is offered at no cost to local area businesses and organizations.

Learn More & Schedule Now!


Dr. John Madeira and Your Health Team at Madeira Chiropractic Wellness Center, Inc.